3 Ways to Create Calmness This Christmas

‘Tis the season to be stressed out, fa la la la la….. Whether you experience Christmas as a Christian celebration of Jesus’ birth, a secular Holiday Season, or whether you observe Hanukkah or don’t celebrate anything at all, December is a hectic month. Most of us are already maxed out with our day to day obligations of work, family and extracurricular activities like volunteer work and spending time at the gym. Then along comes the Holiday Season with school plays, choir concerts, work parties, potluck with friends, navigating mall parking lots, gift shopping, decorating, preparing big meals and getting ready to travel to spend time with family. Did I miss anything? Oh, yes, how do you create calmness during the Christmas Holiday Season? It’s actually easier than you may think. In this article I’m going to share with you 3 ways you can create calmness this Christmas and during the rest of the year, too! (more…)

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Research continues to show a huge array of health benefits for people who meditate regularly. These benefits range everywhere from pain relief and reducing menopausal symptoms to helping people to quit smoking. According to the National Institutes of Health, research is showing that meditation physically changes the brain and may help it to process more information. Many celebrities and self-help experts espouse the merits of meditation. They talk about how it helps them to have more peace and clarity in their busy lives and how meditation is a part of their daily routine. (Full disclosure, I meditate daily using a variety of techniques. For more information on the many types of meditation out there, check out Chapter 1 in my book, Stressed Self to Best Self™, called Meditation: Which Type Is Right For You?) But, is meditation enough? If you’re drowning in mountains of debt, will meditation help you get your financial house in order? What about the deep gnawing unhappiness of your marriage or relationship? Will it help increase the satisfaction with your dead end job? While meditation may help to clear your mind and even lower your blood pressure, in this article I’m going to explain why I think meditation by itself is not enough to create long lasting health, happiness and success in your life. I’m also going to share with you 3 key strategies that can really take your life up to a whole new level. (more…)

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Are you your own worst enemy? Do you have a constant stream of negative self-talk in your head saying things like, “I never get what I want because I’m not good enough, smart enough, young enough, experienced enough, pretty enough, rich enough, thin enough…”? Are you often saying things like, “Good things never happen to me” or “If I didn’t have bad luck I’d have no luck at all”? This negative mindset is the exact reason why you aren’t where you want to be in your life! It’s precisely why, whether it be in regard to your work, health, finances or your relationships, you’re not experiencing the level of success and satisfaction you want in your life. It’s also why you’re not able to be content with where you are right now, in this moment. In fact, new research indicates that consistently performing at a successful level “is not strongly correlated with age, education, income, race, nationality, or gender. This means that many of the excuses we use to explain why we can’t succeed are simply wrong.”1

Everyone on the planet, from the top A-list Hollywood stars and the best Olympic athletes to people you walk past on the street, has some degree of negative self-talk going on in their heads. However, the difference between people who are happy, healthy and managing well in life (i.e. successful) and those who aren’t, is that the successful people know how to avoid being their own worst enemy. They have learned how to overcome the self-doubt and to be resilient in the face of challenges and adversity. In other words, they’ve learned how to create a positive mindset. Again, the latest research shows that “With the right habits, anyone can dramatically increase results and become a high performer in almost any field of endeavor.”1 In this article I’m going to teach you three powerful ways to avoid being your own worst enemy so that you, too, can be your Best Self™! (more…)

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There’s a great story about Jesus encountering a man who has been ill for 38 years. He finds him lying by one of five pools where people who are blind, lame and paralyzed have come to be healed. Jesus goes over to the ill man, at which point he asks a seemingly obvious yet very powerful question, “Do you want to be made well?” The sick man answers with the lame (pun intended) excuse, “Sir, I have no one to put me into the pool when the water is stirred up; and while I am making my way, someone else steps down ahead of me.” It is then that Jesus tells him to stand up, take his mat and walk, which the man promptly does.

When we are sick or in pain, whether it be a brief or long term condition, if someone were to ask us, “Do you want to be well?”, we’d look at them like they have two heads and say, “Of course! What a ridiculous question!” However, it’s been my experience with patients, family members and even with myself, that when we’re sick, there’s more there than meets the eye. The downside to being ill, whether it be with a common cold or chronic headaches, is obvious. Pain and discomfort are not pleasant. However, in this article I want to explore some of the things that really hold us back from being as happy and healthy as we could be. I’ll delve into how our subconscious mind can think there’s an upside to being ill plus what we can do about it! (more…)

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OK, who has never bragged about all the things they have on their to-do list? Don’t we all get pulled into the “You wouldn’t believe how busy I am” game? Women, in particular, are the masters of multitasking. At least that’s what we tell ourselves. For years I got caught up in my daily to-do list. While priding myself in how many things I had on my list, I kept getting discouraged. How could I have gotten only three things completed today when all I’ve done is worked from dawn ‘til dusk? Well, this year I got smart…or at least a little smarter. I decided to listen to the research, along with the advice from some really wise, busy and very successful people. In this article I’m going to debunk the myth that multitasking is efficient and the best way to get things done. I’m also going to share with you some great focusing strategies that will help you be happier, healthier and more efficient. (more…)

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Summer is here! Now that we’ve managed to get through the craziness of the end of the school year (which can be super busy whether you have kids in school or not) we’re looking forward to the next two months of summer bliss. At least, that’s the image we have in our heads. However, the reality is, summer bliss isn’t just going to happen on its own. Like anything we want to achieve or create in our lives, we have to plan and take action steps to make it happen. In this article I’m going to share with you 3 simple but amazing tips to help you create a happy and healthy summer for you and your family! For example, did you know that research has shown at least 11 major health benefits to spending time outdoors? Read on to find out more. (more…)

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