Hi! I’m Dr. Jennifer Harrison and welcome to my Stressed Self to Best Self web site! I am a Certified Athletic Therapist (in Canada), Chiropractor, Certified BodyTalk Practitioner and I work in a multi-disciplinary clinic in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I am also BodyTalk Access Trainer, Educator, Author and Public Speaker. Since becoming a health care practitioner in 1988, I’ve had the opportunity to learn a wide variety of techniques. Although I obtained a degree in psychology before becoming an Athletic Therapist, I didn’t start studying mind-body medicine until 1989.

Every day in my practice I see patients coming in with a variety of ailments – headaches, neck and low back pain, muscle and joint pain, as well as digestive system, anxiety and sleep issues. However, the common thread with each and every one is STRESS! There is now decades of research showing the impact of stress in our lives – not only physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, but also financially. Stress literally costs individuals, businesses and governments billions of dollars each year in health care costs and time loss from work.

I love spending a lot of time with each patient and my patients appreciate this, too. However, it occurred to me that, although this allows me to provide quality health care to each of my patients, I can only help ONE person at a time. That’s why I created this membership web site – so instead of only helping one person at a time, I can help many people at a time by teaching easy to use tools to decrease stress, as well as to provide valuable information to help make life easier.

EVERYONE experiences stress in their lives – no one is immune, not even the Dalai Lama! Sometimes it’s just the busyness of day to day life that gets to be too much. Sometimes the stress is from life situations or crises like losing a job, health issues, the ending of a relationship or the death of a loved one. Stress comes with the territory of being a human being living on planet Earth. More and more, though, people are feeling like they’re in a state of CONSTANT STRESS and their lives are getting OUT OF CONTROL. The important thing to know is that HOW we deal with stress IS WITHIN OUR CONTROL!

WOULDN’T IT BE NICE IF YOU COULD JUST GO TO ONE WEB SITE TO GET RELIABLE, EXPERT, EASY TO USE INFORMATION TO HELP DECREASE YOUR STRESS?  Well, I’m here to show you, one step at a time, how you can go from being your stressed self to BEING YOUR BEST SELF!  For more information, click on the JOIN NOW! tab on the menu bar.


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