The Christmas Holiday Season means different things to different people. For some it’s a time of great excitement and joy anticipating spending time with family and friends. Maybe it’s your child’s or grandchild’s first Christmas! For others, it’s a time of sadness remembering the recent, or not so recent, loss of a loved one. It can also be a time that amplifies loneliness or what we feel is lacking in our lives. The Holiday Season, especially for women, can be a time of overwhelm as we add shopping, baking, meal prep and hosting to our already full schedules. That’s why I created this special EFT Tapping Meditation How to Use EFT to Deal With Overwhelm!

If you’re not familiar with EFT, please click on this link to go to my How To Do EFT Tapping website page. This EFT meditation is a bit different than the standard EFT Basic Recipe but just follow along!  Using EFT to relieve overwhelm will help you feel calmer, more centred and have more energy this Christmas Holiday Season and all year round!


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