At the top of most people’s New Year’s Goals List (or heaven forbid, New Year’s Resolutions List) is to exercise more! I’m guessing that if you don’t already have a well established workout routine, being active was near or at the top of your goals list for this year, too! Getting motivated and staying motivated to exercise can be a challenge – even for those of us who do work out regularly. That’s why I created this EFT Tapping meditation for you. If you’re not familiar with EFT Tapping, follow this link and go to my How To Do EFT Tapping page. Then come back to do this video.

EFT is a great way to help you get and stay motivated. Exercise, of course, not only improves your physical health, it’s also been shown to enhance your brain health and performance. Working out regularly can help you to prevent dementia as well as boost your mood and your memory! In other words, it’s an incredibly powerful tool to use to create the health, happiness and success you want in your life and business! Combine that with EFT and you’re all set for your best year ever!