As stress levels continue to rise, so do stress related illnesses like high blood pressure, heart attacks, diabetes, digestive system problems, muscle and joint issues, immune system problems like persistent colds, flus, arthritis and even cancer. Anxiety and depression are also rampant.

Research shows that 47% of working Canadians consider their work to be the most stressful part of daily life! So, let’s say you hate your job plus you’re in a toxic relationship. Even if you work less hours and spend more time at home, the best work-life balance you can hope to create is to have equal amounts of negative stress from both your work and your home life! With the double negative stress of work and relationship, that’s going to take its toll on other aspects of your personal life, too.

In this episode of Your Best Self Minute, I explain why work-life balance is a myth. I also show you some powerful & effective ways to create more harmony and resiliency in all areas of your life!