A recent survey of 1000 students aged 14 – 25 showed that 65% of them had high levels of exam worry! Having written many tests in university and college, plus national certification and board exams, I know how stressful taking exams can be. In fact, I remember years ago for a 5 hour oral-practical certification exam I did, I woke up that morning and was physically ill! Research has shown that EFT Tapping can be effective in significantly reducing exam stress. If you’re a student or professional preparing to write an exam, or you have friends or relatives who get really worried about writing tests, this EFT meditation is a must! I sure wish I’d known about EFT Tapping when I was a student!

If you’re not familiar with EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques, then click here first How To Do EFT Tapping and then come back to do this tapping meditation.