While some people are stuck in the past, living with regret for the things they did or didn’t do, I think that the majority of people are actually stuck in the future. What do I mean by that? I mean that people spend more time worrying about their future than they do being fully present in the here and now. The daily news certainly promotes that, too, reporting more on speculation about “what might happen if” rather than actual events that are happening now.

Also, based on the increased media focus on how stressed out everyone is, the increase in people on anti-anxiety meds and people going on stress leave (the majority of short term disability is for stress related issues) – those are all sure fire signs of people being stuck in the future.

If you tend to spend more time worrying about the future than being in the present, you’re not alone. I have a tendency to get stuck in the future, too! However, in this video I’m going to share with you some simple but powerful tools that I use. These strategies can also help you get unstuck, be more present and help you use the present to create the future you want! 



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