We have access to more information about other people now more than any other time in history! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest – take your pick of the social media du jour, and that’s not even including YouTube and Google!

Personally, I love seeing what experts are doing in fields I’m interested in. There are many top notch, authentic, self development industry leaders I love to follow.

However, there are a lot of people – including family, friends, pro athletes, actors, performers and business people, for example – who aren’t putting their true selves forward. They don’t present themselves in a way that really tells the real story. You have to factor in the “Facebook Filter” or the “Shiny Social Media Filter” where people tend to post only how “wonderful” everything is in their life. If we don’t, we may start measuring ourselves using a false system. We can also start sliding down the slippery slope into what I call Comparison Syndrome or getting caught in The Compare Snare.

In this episode of Your Best Self Minute, I want to show you how to avoid all that by asking yourself 3 powerful questions.