I created this companion EFT Tapping Meditation on How to Deal with Constant Change to accompany my Your Best Self Minute: 3 Powerful Ways to Deal with Change episode.

We’re probably all familiar with the old expression “The only constant in life is change”. This saying actually came from Greek philosopher, Heraclitus, who lived about 2500 years ago. So, the stress that is caused by change is not a new problem. It’s been affecting humans for literally thousands of years!

Right now with the double pandemic of COVID-19 plus fear taking over the world in an unprecedented way, we’re seeing significant changes happening in our lives. Things are literally changing day to day, sometimes minute to minute. Fears about our health, our families, friends, businesses, finances and global security are at an all time high. All of this is really stressful so it’s important to use tools like EFT to deal with constant change.

Just because I’m a stress and bodymind health expert doesn’t mean I’m immune to the stress and fear that’s going on. However, over the years I’ve learned a lot of different tools to deal with stress. In addition to sharing these tools in my Online Courses and Success Mindset Coaching, I also use them! EFT is definitely one of the tools I rely on daily. Whether it’s EFT, meditation, BodyTalk, Reiki, yoga, Qi Gong, working out or other stress relief practices, being consistent with dedicating time to them everyday is more important than ever!

Be well and happy tapping!


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