How to take control of your life even in uncertain times. You may be asking, how is that even possible, especially when there is a global pandemic of COVID-19, as well as the larger pandemic of fear?” While it’s true that we may not always have control over events that happen to us, we can take 100% responsibility for how we respond to the events. Notice I said “respond” not “react”? When we’re constantly reacting, that means that we’re not stopping to reflect on the choices we have.

For example, let’s say you receive an unexpected windfall of $500. You could just go ahead and have an online shopping spree buying some new clothes. But what are you other options? Well, you could use 10% of it to buy some new clothes and put the rest of into your savings account, thereby increasing your net worth. Another option is that you could spend 10% on yourself, donate 10% to your favorite charity and then put the remaining 80% into your savings account. Three different responses to the same event creating 3 different outcomes.

Psychologist Dr. Robert Resnick came up with a simple but very powerful formula called E + R = O. In this video I’ll show you what this formula means.I’ll also show you how you can apply it to any event in your life – big or small – so that you can create the outcome you want – regardless of the life circumstance or event that you’re facing. Watch the video to find out how you can take control of your life, even in uncertain times.






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