In this episode of Your Best Self Minute: Why Laughter is the Best Medicine, I share research explaining not only why, but how laughter is the best medicine. Right now with the dual global pandemic of COVID-19 plus fear, it may not seem like there’s much to laugh about. Social isolation, illness and economic instability are all contributing to historic high levels of anxiety. Plus, no one knows what life’s going to look like after we get through the current crisis.

Even though I’m stress and bodymind health expert, I’m not immune to stress and overwhelm. However, one thing that I’ve been doing for over 30 years is seeking out and learning powerful, effective self care tools. I love sharing these tool with my coaching clients and using in my own daily self care practice.

Last week I was doing some online research and I came across this really fascinating research on, you guessed it, laughter. Yes, scientists have actually been studying the health benefits of laughter for many years. Up until recently, however, the focus had been more on the psychological benefits of laughter. In other words, how laughter makes us feel better emotionally. Research has shown that laughter can improve mood, and help relieve depression, anxiety and stress.

More recently research has been focused on the physiological or physical benefits laughter can have on the body.

In this video I’ll share how you can use laughter to help relieve stress plus create more health and happiness in your life!




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