Recap: Relieve Fear by Combing Stress Relief with 3 Practical Action Steps

  1. A key way to relieve fear and stress is to follow local, provincial, federal, and global protocols for dealing with COVID-19: social distancing, washing hands regularly, use hand sanitizer, wear a proper mask, avoid touching your face, get tested if it’s available, self-isolate if you’re not feeling well. Seek medical attention if needed.
  2. A practical action step to take is to stop scaring yourself by watching the news or checking news online and via social media all day long. Instead, set your cell phone timer for 5 minutes – get in and get the info you really need and get out.
  3. Another practical action step, now that you’re directing your focus away from the negative, is to watch, listen or read positive, uplifting, inspirational info. There are a ton of amazing interviews and TED talks on YouTube, millions of inspirational podcasts, books and audiobooks. I did a recent Your Best Self Minute episode about research that’s been done on the health benefits of laughter. Pick your fave comedies to watch!

Combine these 3 Practical Action Steps with this Breathing Meditation.

Make sure you’re comfortable, feet on the floor, hands resting in your lap. Make sure you’re safe and there isn’t anything cooking in the oven or on the stove or anything else that needs your attention. Make sure kids and pets are safe. If you’re doing this in public make sure you’re wearing a mask and social distancing.

Breathe in for the count of 5 seconds and then out for 5 seconds. Breathe in a way that is comfortable for you. Use the mantra “I breathe in relaxation” as you inhale and “I breathe out tension” as you exhale. Repeat the mantra silently in your mind with each breath.Take 10 breaths in and out – but you can do the meditation for longer if you wish. I recommend doing this meditation at least once an hour throughout your day. You’re going to be breathing anyway, so you may as well use it to your full advantage!


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