In this video I show you how to use Tapping with Health Affirmations.

While this is not true EFT, research shows that by Tapping over a specific set of acupressure points (the ones used in EFT) you can send a calming signal to the amydalae in your brain. These are parts of the brain that are involved in your stress response aka fight or flight mode.

Affirmations are positive sentences stated in the present tense about something you wish to create or manifest for yourself. You can create affirmations around any goal including financial abundance, relationships, business, career and health. For this video, I created some health affirmations to use with the Tapping. Remember, you can use any health affirmations you want. You can create your own, or use other ones. For example, NY Times best selling author and founder of Hay House Publishing, Louise Hay, was known as “The Queen of Affirmations”. In her books, you can find awesome affirmations for health and self care.

By combining Tapping with powerful affirmations, you can really help implant these positive statements into your subconscious mind. This greatly boosts your efforts to manifest your goals.

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