How to Quickly Relieve Mental and Physical Tension.

Picture of a wet dog in water shaking himself off with the caption, Your Best Self Minute: How to Quickly Relieve Mental and Physical Tension.Stress is a bodymind experience. You can’t have mental tension and stress without your body responding. In fact, it’s literally impossible to not have some degree of physical and physiological reaction when you’re stressed out. The research is clear on this. Although the best approach is to use tools that can help you clear out the root cause of the stress, knowing simple techniques to deal with stress in the moment is essential, too.

In this video I show you a simple exercise that you can do to help relieve mental/emotional and physical tension, quickly and easily. Remember, if you’re feeling overwhelmed by stress to the point where it’s difficult to function in your day to day life, please see a licensed mental health care practitioner or your medical doctor right away. You can also check out help lines that you can call where people can assist you. It’s also important during times of mental/emotional stress to take care of your physical body. This may include seeing your chiropractor, athletic therapist, physio, massage therapist, acupuncturist or osteopath – or a combo!

Now more than ever, we need to be practicing self care daily – and most times, throughout your whole day. I hope you find this simple exercise helpful! If you’re feeling like you really need to get away on a retreat, but don’t have the time, check out my Virtual Stressed Self to Best Self™ Retreat! It’s self paced and you can do it any time, any where! Click Here for more info.

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