Today I want to show you how to use Tapping with wealth & abundance affirmations.

Yet another way that COVID-19 has affected us is financially. The markets crashed several months ago and continue to go up and down. Many people have been laid off, lost their businesses and are struggling to make ends meets. It’s easy to blame the virus, the government and the economy for our current financial state. However, have you ever noticed that through all the financial ups and downs over the past 20 – 30 years, there are always people who manage to find creative ways to rebuild their careers, businesses and wealth? Believe it or not, wealth and abundance affirmations can actually play a key role in this!

I love the word “abundance” because, to me, it goes beyond money in the bank. It looks to the wealth of health, love, friendships, relationships, personal fulfillment, as well as the generosity of offering your time, talent and treasure to those who need it.

Wealth and abundance don’t just happen – it’s a mindset. Having an abundance mindset is a learned belief system with associated behaviors. Changing your mindset involves digging deep to identify and clear out the limiting beliefs that got implanted along the way (usually when we were children) . It takes a lot of dedicated time, introspection and willingness to dive in and do the work to clear out the blocks. It also takes time and dedication to replace those blocks with beliefs and behaviors that are more supportive and freeing.

One part of this process is to use affirmations. Affirmations are positive statements, stated in the present tense, about what we want to create or manifest in our lives. In this Tapping Meditation, I show you how you can use the Tapping points while stating wealth and abundance affirmations to really help plant these seeds into your subconscious mind. This isn’t true EFT Tapping. However, it is a powerful way to relieve stress and make the mind more fertile to planting positive seeds to help shift your wealth and abundance mindset. 





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