I recently had the honour of being a guest on Dr. Rozina Lakhani’s amazing podcast called Happy Healthy Mind with Dr. Rozina. We talked about Self Care for Success. Now, let me introduce Dr. Rozina.

She’s been a Psychiatrist for 22 years, clinical professor, best-selling author, transformative speaker, and podcast host. She is a woman whose mission is to promote health and happiness by sharing tested and proven tools for mind-training so you don’t have to suffer from unnecessary stress. 

Over a year ago, in the midst of the pandemic, she started her show called Happy and Healthy Mind with Dr. Rozina to inspire people to rise above their negative situations and by taking control of their own minds. 

Through simple mind-training and making daily small changes in our lifestyle, she believes that we can be empowered to build lasting habits that can propel us towards living our best life.

Now to help you experience your best life no matter what situation you are in, check out this episode. I shared 3 tips to tap into the power of using self care for success. 

How to Develop Mindsets for Success With Daily Self Care Rituals

Here’s a breakdown of the podcast:

In this interview, you will learn: 00:00 min – Introduction 01:52 min – The concept of mind-body health (How Dr. Jen started using the mind-body approach with her patients to help manage stress) 04:16 min – Overcoming adversity and helping other people navigate their way to success by sharing helpful tools for mind and body wellness (Dr. Jen’s Story) 08:35 min – Benefits of daily self-care practices for personal and professional growth 09:55 min – Self-Care Strategies for Overcoming Stress and Limiting Beliefs 10:15 min Tip#1: Have some simple go-to self-care tools in place 11:46 min Tip#2: Practice meditation 15:13 min Tip#3: Practice EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) 19:07: How to use EFT as a self-care tool 20:14 min: The relationship of self-care and success 23:09 min – To connect with Dr. Jen, you may visit her website at: https://drjenniferharrison.com/ 25:04 min – Dr. Rozina’s Special of the day: Why Affirmations Fail

You can also find this episode on Dr. Rozina’s social media platforms by using the links below:

YouTube: https://bit.ly/RozinaYT
Facebook: https://bit.ly/DrlFbL
LinkedIn: https://bit.ly/RozinaLI 

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