Creative, entrepreneur and podcast host, Gabrielle Chipeur and I had an amazing time talking about some of my favorite topics!

Here are the show notes from her podcast “The Well-Paid Creative”:

Do you often experience stress and burnout that negatively affects both your life and business? If you want to maximize your results in life and business, you must be intentional in adopting basic techniques to help prevent stress and also develop a stress management tool kit to help relieve and avoid burnout.

Dr. Jennifer Harrison is a stress & body-mind health expert, Certified Canfield Success Principles Trainer (by Jack Canfield), Success and Mindset Coach, best-selling author & speaker. She helps entrepreneurs, natural health practitioners, and professionals to effectively relieve stress & optimize their brainpower, create an empowering success mindset, and manifest desired results in both their life and business.

In today’s episode of The Well-Paid Creative, Dr. Jen explains the importance of having a go-to list of stress relief strategies to incorporate into your daily routines. Listen in to learn why you need to regularly relax and reflect to identify the root cause of your stress and burnout.


How to develop a daily self-care practice to avoid mind-body stress and burnout.
The emotional and physiological benefits of daily meditation.
The psychological effectiveness of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT tapping).
How to prevent stress by drinking water, eating healthy, sleeping enough, and exercising.


[2:19] How Dr. Jen helps entrepreneurs relieve stress and develop stress management tools to maximize their results both in their personal and professional lives.
[5:30] Create a simple go-to stress relief tool kit. She explains the importance of having an accessible stress relief kit that you can run to when you’re feeling stressed.
[15:08] The foundational/basic pieces to adopt to prevent stress. How to form a health strategy that allows you to drink water, eat healthy, exercise, and have enough sleep.
[22:25] The importance of relaxing and reflecting to identify the root cause of your stress and then understand the tool you need to employ to start healing.
[28:16] Jen on how she has found mental and emotional relaxation in hiking.

Here’s the link to listen to it on the iTunes podcast preview page.

It’s Episode 48 of the Well-Paid Creative podcast.

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