Can EFT Tapping Help?Photo of a hand touch the leaves of a plant with the title EFT to help you deal with receiving a serious diagnosis

I want to share with you today why Tapping can help you deal with receiving a serious diagnosis. Not many things will stop you in your tracks and turn your life and business upside down faster than getting diagnosed with a serious illness. Whether it’s you or a loved one, the emotional and mental shock and stress can definitely take you off course.

In addition to the emotional impact, it’s a well-established fact that stress affects the body in a myriad of ways. Depleting your immune system and even decreasing blood flow to the prefrontal cortex, the front part of the brain responsible for learning new information and making decisions are 2 significant ways stress negatively impacts your body.

And what about when you’ve just been handed a serious diagnosis, detailed information about the illness and all the various treatment options? It’s extremely difficult to make decisions when the decision-making part of your brain isn’t functioning at full capacity.

What Does the Research Show?

On the other hand, EFT research has shown that Tapping can significantly lower stress hormone levels, boost the immune system and calm down your brain and nervous system. It can also relieve stress to help you feel better and help you be better able to deal with your situation.

However, the emotional and mental health impact of receiving a serious diagnosis can be immense. Hearing that you have cancer, lupus, a chronic degenerative disease like Parkinson’s Disease or MS can be overwhelming.

That’s why it can also be a good idea work with a Certified EFT Practitioner. More and more coaches and psychologists are getting trained as EFT Practitioners. In addition to other tools, they can use EFT to help you deal with receiving a serious diagnosis. They can also help you dig a bit deeper to help clear out emotions and limiting beliefs that are negatively impacting your bodymind health.

As you may have heard me say before, EFT Tapping is a powerful self-care tool. That’s why I created this, and other EFT Tapping meditations.

If you’re new to EFT Tapping, Click Here for a tutorial. If you do the Tapping Meditation it means that you agree to the disclaimer on the How to Do EFT Tapping page.








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