Dr. Jennifer Harrison smiling selfie while hiking in next to a mountain lake with the text Your Best Self Minute The Missing Part of the EquationWhether you know it or not, you’re probably missing part of the equation to creating the health, happiness and success you want in your life. A very important part.

If you’ve been on a personal development/spiritual journey for a while, you know there are some key components. Learning more about yourself, clearing out past hurts or even trauma are key parts of healing, growing and expanding your awareness.

However, here’s what tends to happen to most of us.

We get focused on clearing out the negative emotions, the stress, the hurt, the disappointments that we all experience. And, it does feel good after a yoga class, meditation or journaling session.

But, how long does that good feeling last? A few minutes, a few hours? Maybe a day if you’re lucky?

Why doesn’t that good feeling last?

The reason is that clearing out the negative is only one part of the equation. It’s an extremely important part, but the segment that most people are missing is actually the key to health, happiness, success and fulfillment.

So, what’s the other part of the equation?

Focus on feeling good!

Wait, what now? That’s it?


Research shows that the vast majority of our thoughts each day (estimates are around 60,000) are not only negative, but they’re also repetitive. It’s like plugging in your ear buds and instead of an uplifting podcast, it’s a narration that goes something like this:

“I really don’t like my job. What’ll I cook for supper? There’s so much violence going on in the world and there’s nothing I can do about it. How will I pay my mortgage this month? Inflation is making it impossible to save any extra money. I’m fat. I’ll never have the relationship I want. When are things going to get better?”

So, how do you start adding this magical key missing part of the equation into your life?

1.Sit down and make a list of people, places, things, events that feel really good when you think about them. Write it down on a piece of paper, in your journal and/or add the list to your phone. If you’ve already got photos of your favorite people and places that make you feel happy, keep them on your phone. Add them if you need to.


2. Smart phones can be the source of much of our gloom and doom if we let ourselves go down the rabbit hole of negative social media. However, it can also be used as a force for making positive changes in our well-being! How, by actively, consciously seeking out positive content – not just mindlessly scrolling through social media.


3. During the day at regular intervals (like once an hour or even more frequently), tune in to how you’re feeling. If you’re not feeling good, take a moment, either literally by using your phone, or in your mind, to focus on a person, place, things, activity, or event that makes you feel good!

Remember, we’re not looking to feel 100% happy all the time. If you’re really sad or even depressed, that’s not realistic. We’re looking to increase our awareness of how we’re feeling in the moment and then elevate our current emotional state, even just a little bit, from where it is to a better feeling state.

Think of it as constant course corrections just like ships and airplanes have to do when they’re travelling long distances. Consistency is key!

Focusing on feeling good is a great way to Go From Your Stressed Self to Your Best Self™!

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