Goals are like dahlias. Sometimes they bloom, sometimes they don't. Image of several yellow dahlia blooms, image of Dr. Jennifer Harrison in front of the dahlia that didn't bloom this year. drjenniferharrison.comHave you ever had a goal that just didn’t bloom?

Goals are like plants in your garden. Some years they bloom beautifully, other years, not so much.

I have this lovely dahlia that I dig up every fall to store in my basement for the winter and re-plant every spring. (If you’re not familiar with dahlias, they don’t deal with freezing temps very well so you have to dig them up, store them in a dark place for the winter and then plant them in the spring after the risk of frost is over.)

This summer was really hot where I live. In fact, we set some records (like many places) for the number of days above 30C/86F, which is considered hot where I live near the Rocky Mountains.

Anyway, despite giving my dahlia great soil, fertilizer, lots of water, love and attention, it was just too hot. It grew fairly tall, but there were zero blooms!

Have you ever had that happen with a goal? You seem to do everything right but you just don’t get the results you were aiming for?

That’s all part of being an entrepreneur, or human being, for that matter! Not every goal is going to come to fruition.

Is it frustrating? Sure!

Is it disappointing? You bet!

Can you learn from the experience? Absolutely!

For example, next year, I’m going to plant the dahlia in a different location where it will still get the sun it needs but it won’t be exposed to the sometimes scorching afternoon heat up against a brick wall.

So, I invite you to think of a goal that you were/are trying to achieve that just didn’t fully “bloom”.

Then ask yourself these 4 questions:

  1. Was it a realistic and timely goal?
  2. What action steps did I take that were supportive and on target?
  3. What did I need to do differently?
  4. What do I need to learn from this experience?

It’s important to realize that failure is a part of success! We’re taught from a young age that failure is a terrible thing to be avoided as much as possible.

But, if you’re going to achieve success in your business, profession and life, there are going to be failures. And if you haven’t experienced any failures, it means you’re not challenging yourself enough!

So, the next time your goal doesn’t bloom the way you expected it to, just ask yourself the 4 questions I listed above, and then take action!

*Understanding that failure is a part of success is a great way to Go From Your Stressed Self to Your Best Self™!*

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