Your best self minute a 4 day work week? Yes, please! Dr. Harrison sitting in her office smiling.Have you been dreaming about a 4-day work week? I recently came across an article talking about the world’s biggest 4-day work week pilot that’s being done right now in the UK.

The study, involving 3,300 workers spanning industries from financial services to a fish and chip restaurant, will last 6 months.

According to a CNN news article, “During the program, workers receive 100% of their pay for working only 80% of their usual week, in exchange for promising to maintain 100% of their productivity.”

Until now, the largest study on 4-day work weeks had been conducted in Iceland between 2015-2019. It involved 2500 people in two large trials. This study found no drop in productivity plus it did find an increase in employee well-being.

As an entrepreneur, I know how easy it is to fall into a 7-day work week.

As many of you probably know, it’s a running joke that entrepreneurs are the only people who choose to work 24/7 just so they don’t have to punch a clock! : )

However, more entrepreneurs are starting to wise up. Even though we’re passionate about what we do, 7-day work weeks aren’t sustainable. For example, Amy Porterfield, an entrepreneur running a multiple 7-figure business, shifted to a 4-day work week last year for her and her team.

The pandemic has brought a lot of pre-conceived work notions under scrutiny. While some people couldn’t wait to get back to the office, many people have loved working from home. The 30 second commute from the kitchen to the den/home office has been a welcome reprieve from the 30-90 minute one-way commute they were doing before.

Recently in Canada, the province of Ontario passed a groundbreaking law to help employees disconnect from work after hours. In other words, they won’t be obligated to respond to calls, emails, texts or other work communication when they’re off the clock.

Here’s the take home point that we all need to hear:

We don’t need to be part of a study, live through a global pandemic or wait for a law to be passed to take control of our own lives. Yes, we all have work, family and personal obligations. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t make choices about how you spend your time. In fact, we have way more options than we think we do.

If you’re looking for some ways to create more positive work-life balance, check out this episode of Your Best Self Minute by clicking the image below:

Remember, making positive choices in your work and life will help you Go From Your Stressed Self to Best Self™!

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