your best self minute what path are you on? Dr. Jen on a hiking trail in the mountains with the sun shining on trees with yellow fall leaves.What path are you on?

October 10th was World Mental Health Day promoted by the World Health Organization. However, I wanted to talk about this a bit more than what I posted in my social media.

As many of you already know, I consider the body and mind as one entity – the bodymind. This isn’t just my opinion. This is based on decades of research. For example, Harvard Medical School has had a mind body medicine clinic since 1981. Universities and other organizations around the world have been studying bodymind health, too.

Research done on energy psychology techniques like EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) aka Tapping, has repeatedly shown that once emotions are freed from the body, physical and physiological changes also occur.

For example, in one study, saliva levels of the stress hormone cortisol were shown to decrease 24% after a single 1-hour EFT session! This is huge! In this same study, the people assigned to the EFT group also reported a 58% improvement in their anxiety and a 49% improvement in their depression.

So, what path are you on? How are you caring for you bodymind health on a daily basis?

Regardless of where you are on your path, remember:

  1. You always have way more positive options than you think you do. (Check back to last week’s email. : ) )
  2. Solutions can be simple. It could be going for a hike with a friend or just getting out from behind your laptop, tablet or cell phone and spending time outdoors.
  3. You’re not alone. Everyone, and I mean everyone, including top people in the self-development world to Olympic athletes to Oprah, goes through tough times in life.
  4. Each moment is an opportunity to learn more about yourself. It’s an opportunity to embrace what’s working for you. It’s also an opportunity to change what isn’t working for you!
  5. Ask for help! That could be anything from Googling about your issue to see what other people have done to successfully deal with it to calling a mental health hotline.
  6. Seek out proven self-care tools. This is extremely important! Even if you’re working with a mindset coach or a mental health care professional, you still need to take care of you! Tools like meditation, EFT Tapping, spending time outdoors in nature and even drinking lots of water throughout the day can be game changers.

While it’s helpful to have days like World Mental Health Day, we need to take care of our bodymind health every day!

So, whatever path you’re on, caring for your bodymind health daily is a great way to Go From Your Stressed Self to Best Self™!

If you’re looking for more self-care tools, Click Here to download your free pdfs!



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