how to finish strongly in the 4th quarter with Dr. Jennifer HarrisonHow can it be the middle of November already? Ya, I don’t know either! Are you needing help to finish strongly in the 4th quarter?

One thing I do know is that it’s easy this time of year to get distracted and just coast to the finish line.

It’s easy to get tired with your energy going toward Holiday planning and to just put your goals on the back burner. Especially ones that maybe haven’t manifested yet the way you were expecting they would earlier in the year.

Today I want to share with you a simple but powerful 2 part strategy that I use to keep up my momentum – because I’m not immune to the end of the year slump either! In fact, I used this strategy just last week!

OK, here it is:

Step 1. Write down all the things you’ve accomplished this year. Be sure to include personal as well as professional/business goals that you reached this year. This is a great way to create clarity and boost your self-appreciation.

Step 2. Refer back to your 2022 goals list. Revisit each goal that you haven’t manifested yet. Sometimes a goal you thought was important, no longer is. Sometimes we over estimate the time and energy we have and set too many goals. It’s OK to change goals, renegotiate the deadline or even eliminate a goal. The key thing is to reassess and make the necessary changes.

So, I encourage you to use this 2 Step Process so you can finish your 4th quarter strongly!

*Acknowledging your successes and revisiting your goals is a great way to Go From Your Stressed Self to Your Best Self™!*

If you’re wanting to finish this year on a strong note plus create momentum to carry you into the New Year, check out my How to Transform Stress to Success© digital course! Click Here to learn more!





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