Your best self minute: Do you need an upgrade? Dr. Jen sitting in her home office.Do you need an upgrade?

Doesn’t it seem like every time you turn around you have to update the operating system on your laptop or phone? Even though my previous laptop was only 4 years old, that made it ancient (and it was acting like it! Ha ha) so I had to upgrade recently to a new one.

Well, just like our tech, we need upgrades too sometimes. Although our tech will easily let us know when we need to update it, as humans, we’re often a bit slower to realize when we need to make a change.

I want to take you through a great exercise that will help you identify some areas in your business and life that are in need of an upgrade. I’ll also show you some simple improvements that can make a big difference! Click here to learn more:

Step 1:

Do a quick evaluation of your business.

Are all the plugins for your website up to date?

Do you have all the plugins you need for your website to flow smoothly?

Do you need to update your photos?

When was the last time you posted new content?

Is your payment platform meeting all your needs?

Do you have a client or two who need to pay up but you’ve been avoiding contacting them?

Is your email provider doing all it needs to do?

Do you have social media accounts that are dormant?

Do you have subscriptions to people/content that was helpful a few years ago but you haven’t looked at in months/years?

Are you on some email lists that are no longer serving you?

Is your tech (computer, laptop, phone) up to date?

What does your home office look like? Cluttered? Organized? A bit of both?

What are some things in your business that aren’t really working but you’ve been putting up with them?

Step 2:

Do a quick evaluation of your home.

Is it constantly cluttered?

Do you have clothes that you haven’t worn in a year or two or that just don’t fit anymore?

Do you have a squeaky door that you just keep putting up with?

When was the last time you bought new underwear? (Seriously!)

Do you have some old laptops or other electronics that don’t work that need to be recycled?

How many expired food items do you have in your cupboards, fridge and/or freezer?

What are some other things in your life that aren’t really working but you’ve been putting up with?

Step 3:

Once you’ve identified the areas in your business and life that need upgrades (which could include hiring new or additional people to help you), take action! Make a list and go through it, item by item.

Remember, some upgrades are going to require some financial output. However, a lot of upgrades – like decluttering – won’t cost you a cent. But, they will help you be happier, healthier and more productive!

*Doing simple upgrades in both your business and life is a great way to Go From Your Stressed Self to Your Best Self™!*

If you’re wanting to learn more ways to upgrade both your business and life, check out

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