Your best self minute how to make your holidays merry and bright Dr. Jen in her home office.So, is it looking like your Holidays will be merry and bright? Or, are you feeling like you’re behind the 8 ball right now with a gazillion things still left to do?

Typically, what happens to me is that I get super organized in October and create my gift list and finish up most of my shopping. Great! Then what happens is that I get lulled into a sense of being on top of things.

This, as you can guess, is followed by December arriving and I realize I still have to wrap, organize and deliver the gifts, complete the few cards that I do send or give to people, do some baking, and prep for the Christmas concerts and end of year parties plus all the other things that come with the Holidays. Can you relate?

Well this year, I decided that I wasn’t going to fall into that trap again! I came up with a plan based on neuroscience and behavioral psychology.

So, what’s this Master Plan?


Plan ahead.

Take action.

Wait what? That’s it?


You see, as humans we tend to do 3 Things:

Thing 1: We forget that we’re already expending 100% of our time and energy doing all the things we do day in and day out. Things for work, our business, our families, our friends, our community and, hopefully, ourselves in the form of self-care like working out and meditating. And, yes, don’t forget about streaming all your favorite shows!

Thing 2: We tend to over-estimate the amount of time we have to accomplish existing as well as extra tasks.

Thing 3: This is really the flip side of Thing 2 in that we tend to under-estimate the amount of time it’ll take to get tasks done.

So, what’s the solution? This 3 Step Process!

Step 1: Make a list of all the extra Holiday stuff you need to do from shopping, cooking, baking, parties, to gifts, donations, etc.

Step 2: Look at your schedule and actually add all these tasks into your calendar. Remember when I mentioned before that we’re already using 100% of our time and energy doing what we already do day to day?

That means that you’re going to have to take a hard look at where you can get that extra time! If you want a great resource on how to free up at least 4 hours a day, be sure to go my home page download your Free PDF and tell your friends!

One simple way to free up extra time is to limit your social media scrolling by 50% and that will probably free up at least 1-2 hours or more per day!

Step 3: Take action and make your Holidays Merry and Bright!

*Planning ahead and taking action is a great way to Go From Your Stressed Self to Your Best Self™!*

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