Are you wondering how to best deal with uncertainty?  Maybe you’re dealing with some business or personal decisions and you’re just not sure which way to go? 

All it takes is a quick glimpse at the new snippets on social media to see that we’re living in very uncertain times. Everything is constantly changing.

Today I want to share with you 6 simple but powerful strategies I’ve learned along the way that help me when I’m feeling uncertain.

The first thing to realize is that everyone experiences uncertainty!

No one has it all together, despite appearances on social media. In fact, when you think of all the decisions we make on a daily basis from what to wear, what to eat to what marketing strategies to use, we’re actually faced with some degree of uncertainty every day! That’s just a normal part of being a human being.

Take a step back from the situation.

Often when we’re dealing with a larger decision, we tend to make things seem more intense and complicated than they need to be. Take a break, take a step back, focus on something else for a while and then come back to this issue. Or, make a list of all the possible options that are available. You may even come up a few you hadn’t been able to think of before. Like the saying goes, sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees.

Get out of survival mode!

When we get stressed out, our brains literally go into survival mode. We can get as much as a 70% decrease in blood flow to the part of the brain responsible for decision making! The solution? Use your stress relief tools daily like Meditation and EFT Tapping. I’ve got a number of free guided meditation and EFT Tapping meditations on my website.

Be mindful of where you’re focusing your energy.

For example, put a time limit on your exposure to news media. Remember, they focus on fear mongering because it gets our attention. However, if you take a step back, you’ll notice that most of what is being reported is speculation about what might You can also ask yourself, “Is what I’m watching/reading/listening to enhancing my life (personal/professional) or is it stressing me out?” There are lots of uplifting podcasts and blogs/vlogs out there.

Even in the face of uncertainty, we have way more choices and control than we think we do.

But, you need to get off auto-pilot first! What do I mean by that? Considering that it’s estimated we have tens of thousands of thoughts per day (some estimates suggest about 60,000) and most of them are repetitive and negative, to get out of default mode, you need to become aware. You need to become aware of your thoughts and more importantly, of how you’re feeling! If you’re feeling happy, great! If you’re feeling a bit irritated, on edge or actually anxious, EFT Tapping is a great way to help you stop, name the emotion and then process it and release it!

You can also create a simple mindfulness practice to use throughout the day where you spend a minute or 5 or 10 generating positive emotions like gratitude or even happiness. Remember, we’ve all spent years programming our brains (usually unconsciously) to think negatively. Plus, we have a built-in ancient survival mode known as the negativity bias, which in the past helped our ancestors be on the look out for danger from bears and tigers. While bears and tigers may not be our chief concern anymore, news media can help generate all sorts of things (real and imagined) for us to worry about. However, we have the choice to re-train our brains to be more positive and relaxed but it takes work, diligence, patience and consistency.

Sometimes the uncertainty we’re experiencing is because of limiting beliefs we have.

“I don’t think I’m smart enough so maybe I shouldn’t apply for that new job.” Working with a Mindset Coach may be the key to overcoming the recurring stumbling blocks of uncertainty that keep appearing in your life. Check out the Success Mindset Coaching options I offer to see if this is right for you!

Being proactive when it comes to dealing with uncertainty is a great way to Stress Less & Manifest More!

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