I don’t like receiving criticism. In fact, few people do – especially the unsolicited kind! Criticism can hold us back from putting out our creative work or even starting a new business or project. Who wants to write a book, only to have people leave nasty reviews on Amazon?

However, something I learned from my Success Trainer training with Jack Canfield is that getting feedback for your business, professional work, as well as relationships, is really important and can help us grow!

In today’s Your Best Self Minute Blog, I’m going to share 3 steps that you can take to deal with criticism so it doesn’t take you off your path of creating, sharing and fully being yourself in the world!

Step 1:

It’s important to realize that no matter how wonderful our work is or how many people it helps, we’re going to receive criticism. Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandala, every Impressionist artist, Olympic athlete, every award-winning actor, director, editor and NY Times Bestseller have received criticism for their passion, creativity and hard work. I listened to an interview with NY Times Bestselling author and EFT Tapping expert, Nick Ortner, a few years ago. He said that you haven’t “arrived” until you’ve gotten your first negative review! : ) Another way of looking at it is that if you receive a negative comment on your work, it means that at least you’ve actually been brave enough to put something out into the world to begin with!

Step 2:

Check the source of the criticism. Is it from a valid source like an expert in your field, a teacher you admire or a mentor? Or is it some random comment from an internet troll?

Step 3:

It’s good to seek out constructive criticism or feedback from the right people like your customers, clients, teachers, mentors and colleagues. Don’t seek out feedback from your family or your friend who tends to trash everything! If you’re continually doing that, it may be some self-sabotage revealing itself. This needs some exploring right away! Depending on where you are on your self-development journey, you may be able to use EFT Tapping or another technique to clear it. However, you may want to explore Success Mindset Coaching to help you look at similar patterns, get to the root of it and clear it out! For more info on how I can help, Click Here.

Learning to deal with criticism is a great way to Stress Less & Manifest More!

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