Someone said to me recently that they really wanted to lose some weight but they were going to need more willpower. I didn’t have time to explain why willpower doesn’t work – just as it hasn’t worked for them in the past.

If you’re looking to achieve a goal, whether it be reaching a certain weight, level of health, happiness or wealth, willpower will not take you across the finish line. Here’s why!

First of all, yes, willpower might get you off the couch and taking some action toward your goal, whatever it is. However, the problem is that it won’t help you overcome the resistance that’s there in the first place.

What is resistance?

Most of the resistance we have to manifesting what we want in our life/business (like mental blocks, procrastination, self-sabotage) is because there’s a lack of coherence between our limiting beliefs that typically reside in our subconscious mind and our goal(s) which resides in our conscious mind.

Your subconscious mind is like the operating system of your computer where as the conscious mind is like the software. What most people don’t know is that much of our programming or the creation of our “operating system” happens between the ages of birth to about 7 years old. Everything that we’re taught or observe during these years – both the supportive stuff and the non-supportive stuff – create the belief systems that we carry with us into adulthood. And, just like we rarely think about our operating system on our laptops or phones when we’re checking emails or posting on social media, we often aren’t aware of the limiting beliefs we have unless we learn how to become aware of them.

This is what personal development and mindset work is all about! This is also a key focus of the Success Mindset Coaching that I do with my clients. I also teach strategies on how to recognize and overcome limiting beliefs in 2 modules of my How To Transform Stress to Success© online course.

Understanding why willpower alone doesn’t work and learning ways to achieve your goals more easily is a great way to Stress Less & Manifest More!

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