Can you merge science and spirituality in church? Well, last month I had the privilege of being invited to speak for Mental Health Sunday at my home church. I have belonged to the United Church of Canada since 1991. For those of you not familiar with the United Church it’s considered to be liberal protestant.

Many people speak about science and healing. Many people talk about spirituality and healing. But, when it comes to religion, many people talk about the rigidness, discrimination and horrible track record of organized religion. While organized religion is marred with many terrible events, I’ve been really blessed to have belonged to two amazing United Church faith communities over the past 3 decades that have been progressive, inclusive and committed to helping people to heal.

While it’s not uncommon any more to speak of merging science and spirituality, doing so in a church setting on a Sunday morning is still almost unheard of. However, that’s exactly what I did a few weeks ago! I even talked about Emotional Freedom Techniques aka EFT Tapping!

Here are some of the highlights:

* The mind and body aka bodymind are completely interconnected and it’s impossible to separate the two.

*Scripture supports the mind, body, spirit connection.

*If you have a mental health issue it’s going to affect your physical health.

*Conversely, if you have a physical injury or illness, it’s going to affect you mentally and emotionally.

*Most ancient healing practices, including Traditional Chinese Medicine and others, see the mind, body and spirit as one.

*Research is continuing to show how many mental health issues should and can be addressed from a bodymind perspective.

*Sometimes natural emotional states, such as grieving, are being treated as a mental health condition when they shouldn’t be.

*EFT Tapping research shows how it can relieve depression, anxiety and even PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder).

*The scripture readings for the day supported the importance of having daily spiritual and self-care practices as they relate to bodymind health.

In case you’re wondering, I, along with everyone in church that day, was wearing a hat to raise awareness of the importance of good mental health.

Having both spiritual and self-care practices is a great way Stress Less & Manifest More!

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