The Cortices Technique

Yes, there really is a simple yet powerful way to instantly decrease your stress in about 90 seconds! In fact, this technique not only decreases your stress but it also helps to enhance right and left brain communication and brain-body communication. It’s easy to learn, easy to do and is totally safe for any one of any age. Sounding too good to be true? Well, it isn’t. The technique is called the CORTICES (CORT – uh – sees) TECHNIQUE and it is one of the techniques of the BodyTalk System developed by Dr. John Veltheim. (For more information on the BodyTalk System, click on the WHAT IS BODYTALK? tab in the menu bar.) Cortices refers to the outer portion of the brain. However, the Cortices technique actually helps to balance out ALL parts of the brain.

Below are three images to give you a visual of one of the most amazing organs in the body – the HUMAN BRAIN!  The first drawing is looking down on the top of the brain so you can see the two halves of the brain, the next is a drawing showing the lobes of the left half of the brain and the last image is an actual MRI (magnetic resonance image) scan of the brain showing what the brain looks like from the side.

Human_brain_longitudinal_fissureBrain color coded lobes

Brain MRI image


The brain is divided into 2 halves – the right and left hemispheres as you saw on the first image. The 2 hemispheres are connected at the bottom so they can communicate with each other. WHEN WE GET STRESSED, WE GET COMMUNICATION DISRUPTIONS. Also, every disease or dysfunction occurring in the body is reflected in the brain, often resulting in an area with decreased blood flow which will show up as a “cold spot” on certain brain scans. Each hemisphere is further divided into lobes, shown in the second image. Here’s a quick over view of the different lobes:
1. The FRONTAL lobes are at the front where your forehead is. The frontal lobes help us to learn, think and make decisions. It’s also where the message comes from to move our muscles when we want to write an email, lift weights or go for a walk.
2. On the top of your brain are the PARIETAL lobes. This is where we receive sensation information from all of our body parts. It’s also where we interpret taste information about what we are eating or drinking.
3. At the back of the brain are your OCCIPITAL lobes which translate information about what we see with our eyes.
4. Lastly, the lobes on the side of the brain are called the TEMPORAL lobes and that is where we receive and decipher information coming from our ears.

The brain does much more than this but I wanted to give you an idea of some of the major functions.

I’ve prepared a video that will show you how to do the Cortices technique, or as we say in BodyTalk, TAP OUT YOUR CORTICES. It’s important to know that you can do the Cortices technique once a day or many times a day, depending on how stressed you are. The technique is safe to do. If you happen to do the technique and your brain doesn’t need balancing at that point in time, then simply nothing will happen, so you can do no harm.


I’d like to invite everyone to do a 30-DAY CORTICES CHALLENGE by tapping out your cortices at least once a day for the next 30 days. Let me know how you make out via the comments section, Facebook and Twitter!

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