Are you feeling stuck? Do you keep getting pulled off course? Or are you not even sure what your first step should be? Jumpstart Your Success is a 4 module online course designed to:

♦ Help you see clearly what’s working well in your life

♦ Help you gain clarity on what’s not working

♦ Help you identify your strengths & find new ways to use them

♦ Help you to understand what drives/inspires you, your “Why”

♦ Show you how to envision what’s possible in all areas of your life

♦ Take you beyond goal setting to goal achieving

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Are you looking for ways to create more success in your life without sacrificing your health & happiness to do so? In this comprehensive 6 module online course you’ll deep dive and experience some simple but powerful stress management techniques that you can easily incorporate into your daily life. Plus, you’ll also learn how to implement key proven success strategies used by the top Success & High Performance Trainers and positive psychology experts in the world!

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If you’re an entrepreneur or professional with products & services you want people to know about, sales are a key part of what you do.

However, the majority of people dread doing sales – even if they have full confidence in the products & services they offer!

I developed this course from a keynote presentation I did at a Mary Kay event at the world-famous Chateau Lake Louise in Lake Louise, AB. But whether you sell cosmetics, real estate, insurance or you’re a transformational coach or natural health practitioner with amazing services to offer, this course provides powerful tools to help you maximize your brain function & create a success mindset. These are two key things that are essential for you to take you and your business to the next level!  Click here for more info:


Are you ready to join me for The 7 Day Stressed Self to Best Self™ Challenge? Although I’m calling it a “challenge”, I really want it to be an invitation for you to clear out some old habits that are holding you back, plus create some new powerful ones that will help you be happier, healthier and more successful – in both your life & your work! The 7 Day Stressed Self to Best Self™ Challenge includes an exclusive eBook plus 7 bonus daily videos to help support & inspire you! Click here for more info:





Are you feeling stressed? Is your mind always going 24/7 and you can’t shut it off? Does life feel overwhelming right now?

If you answered “Yes” to any or all of these questions then this virtual retreat is for you!  More info coming soon!





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