Dr. Jennifer Harrison’s Hollywood Live interview with NY Times bestselling author and Chicken Soup for the Soul books co-creator Jack Canfield. This interview was part of the TV show Hollywood Live with Jack Canfield which aired on A&E and Bravo in the US.


Dr. Harrison receiving her Quilly Award for being part of the international bestselling book, The Soul of Success with NY Times bestselling author and Chicken Soup for the Soul books co-creator, Jack Canfield.  Dr. Harrison’s chapter, “Overcoming Overwhelm”, won an Editor’s Choice Award.


Here’s a clip from Dr. Harrison’s Mary Kay Cosmetics Retreat Guest Key Note Presentation done at the world-famous Chateau Lake Louse in Lake Louise, AB.













Click here to listen.

The Energetic Radio Podcast hosted by Dale Sidebottom, creator of Energetic Education and published author. Podcast available on iTunes and Spotify: Energetic Radio Episode #235 Dr. Jen Harrison – Fostering a Successful Mindset

Get Rooted in Wellness Facebook Live with host Nancy Ehle March 4, 2021 

Click here to watch.


The Prospecting Show Podcast with Dr. Connor Robertson, Episode 115, Jan 21, 2021. Also available on iTunes & Spotify. 



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