If you’re an entrepreneur or professional with products & services you want people to know about, sales are a key part of what you do.

However, the majority of people dread doing sales – even if they have full confidence in the products & services they offer!

I developed this course from a 1 hour keynote presentation I did at a Mary Kay event at the world-famous Chateau Lake Louise in Lake Louise, AB. But whether you sell cosmetics, real estate, insurance or you’re a transformational coach or natural health practitioner with amazing services to offer, this course provides powerful tools for you to use to take you and your business to the next level!

“…Your very inspirational, informative, dynamic presentation left a very positive impact on everyone who attended. All were very motivated and filled with much hope and enthusiasm to return home, go to work, and create the business and lifestyle they desire because of learning the amazing but simple techniques to transform stress to success. I have been personally using your daily powerfully simple stress management and processing techniques, and as a result am getting much more productive work done both professionally and personally. I highly recommend all your valuable tools and years of experience through your course, books, and anything more that you offer. Your information is a must have for anyone who would like to live a fulfilling life, and create the best profession, or business, and healthy life style they desire.”

Claribel Avery, Mary Kay Executive Senior Sales Director and Co-Coordinator Mary Kay Go Give Retreat in Lake Louise, AB




First of all, I want to be clear on what this course is not about. This online training is not about the latest sales techniques and strategies or “get rich quick” schemes.

Here’s what Sales: From Stress to Success is about:

♦ It’s about optimizing your brain function & productivity by learning 2 scientifically proven simple, yet powerful, tools so you’re able to perform at your best – even on your most stressful days!

♦ It’s about learning 3 success strategies used by the world’s top entrepreneurs. These principles will allow you to create the right mindset so you can be more confident, resilient and successful in selling the products and services you’re passionate about!


Here’s a sneak preview!

There’s no point in having amazing products and services if you don’t have the mental energy & mindset needed to get the word out – to reach the people who can most benefit from the wonderful things you have to offer!

In this interactive video/powerpoint you’ll not only learn leading edge tools and strategies, you’ll get to experience them first hand! There are also pdf handouts to maximize your learning – so you can really “own” the techniques!

I’ve also included 3 amazing bonuses for you!

♦ How to create your ideal Mary Kay client avatar meditation

♦ How to create your ideal client avatar meditation (if you’re not in Mary Kay)

♦ Access to the Stressed Self to Best Self™ General Membership Level which means you’ll have full access to powerful content designed to help you Go From Your Stressed Self to Your Best Self™! You’ll also receive 5 additional General Membership Bonuses!

This course is valued at $97* plus the bonuses are worth $50!

That’s a total value of $147*!


But you can access it all for only $25*!


To sign up & take advantage of this transformational course, plus the additional bonuses, just click on the $25* PayPal button below.


*Applicable tax will vary depending in which province or territory you reside. If you live outside of Canada, no additional taxes will be charged.

PURCHASE TERMS & POLICY: When you purchase the course, you’ll have access to it for as long as it remains on the website. Once you download the handouts and audio bonuses, they’re yours to keep. The Sales: From Stress to Success course also comes with a 14 Day Satisfaction Guarantee (starting from date of purchase.) Our hope is that your business and life are forever transformed with the skills you develop through the Program. We also expect you to give the Program your very best effort. That’s why in order to be eligible for the 14 Day Satisfaction Guarantee refund, you must submit proof that you did the course work. Just email your completed exercises from Parts 1 & 2 to info@drjenniferharrison.com

Please do not enroll in the Sales: From Stress to Success course if you just want to “check it out.” An extraordinary amount of time and effort has been put into this Program, and we expect you to do the same. This online program is for serious students only.

Disclaimer: The purpose of this course is to be informative only. The information provided is not intended to replace the evaluation or diagnosis by, nor the advice or treatment of a licensed health care professional. Nor is the information in this course intended to replace any advice from a Certified Financial Planner or Certified Business Coach.

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