Stressed Self to Best Self™: How To Be a Happier and Healthier You



In this online course you’ll learn valuable tools encompassing six main areas:

Bodymind: Here you’ll learn several powerful but easy to use techniques to decrease your stress in a very short period of time.

Nutrition and Exercise: The course will cover some simple and effective strategies to help you boost your resiliency to stress plus how to avoid some common health problems.

Money and Abundance: In this section we’ll cover some simple ways to decrease stress around money. We’ll also look at how our belief systems around money are at the root of most of our money worries.

Relationships: Here we’ll focus on the one relationship that affects every other relationship you have – the relationship you have with yourself!

The Bigger Picture: We’ll take a look at how science and spirituality merge together showing us how to tap into a powerful source to help make positive changes in our lives.

Plus you’ll learn proven success strategies that you can apply to any and all areas of your life!



The course is an experiential one and the information we’ll be covering is included in my book and course handouts. 

Everyone in the course will receive the eBook version of my book, Stressed Self to Best Self™: A Body Mind Spirit Guide to Creating a Happier and Healthier You, Volume 1! However, if you also want to purchase the paperback version, feel free to do that, too! It’s available online at your fave online book retailer.

More amazing bonuses will be included! Stay tuned!


Course fee is only $297CAD plus applicable taxes.*


Disclaimer: The purpose of this course is to be informative only. The information provided is not intended to replace the evaluation or diagnosis by, nor the advice or treatment of a health care professional.

*If you live in Canada, the tax will vary depending in which province or territory you reside. If you live outside of Canada, no tax will be added.

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