“Self-esteem is a huge piece of my work. You have to believe it’s possible and believe in yourself. Because after you’ve decided what you want, you have to believe it’s possible, and possible for you, not just for other people. Then you need to seek out models, mentors, and coaches.”   

Jack Canfield, America’s #1 Success Coach

Be Your Best Success™!

Jodi Nicholson, Master Certified Success Coach, Founding Board Member of The Success Coach Institute, International Speaker, Author and Entrepreneur


•  Jumpstart Your Success self-directed online course

followed by

•  6 Private Coaching Sessions 

In addition to being a Stress & Bodymind Health Expert and Certified Canfield Success Principles Trainer (by Jack Canfield, known as America’s #1 Success Coach), I am also a Certified Professional Success Coach (by The Success Coach Institute). 

My goal is to help you achieve success in 8 key areas of your life without sacrificing your health and happiness!

My coaching program consists of 3 steps:

Step 1. Complete Jumpstart Your Success. This powerful, self-directed 4 module online course is designed to:

♦ Help you see clearly what’s working well in your life

♦ Help you gain clarity on what’s not working

♦ Help you identify your strengths & find new ways to use them

♦ Help you to understand what drives/inspires you, your “Why”

♦ Show you how to envision what’s possible in all areas of your life

♦ Take you beyond goal setting

Jumpstart Your Success is a combo of videos and downloadable exercise handouts. Not only are you learning new powerful information, you are shown how to put it into action right away!

You can complete the course in a day or do it over 4 weeks, whatever works best for you. I created the Jumpstart Your Success online course so that it can be both a stand-alone program, as well as a pre-requisite to 1-on-1 personalized Success Coaching with me. Before you start your coaching sessions, you’ll need to submit your completed Jumpstart Your Success exercises. More info on that below.

Step 2: After you’ve completed the Jumpstart Your Success online course, contact me for a Complimentary 30 Minute Consultation. During the consultation we’ll evaluate and discuss how Professional Success Coaching can help you. We’ll also determine whether it’s the right time and right tool for you where you are right now.

I work with highly motivated clients who are dedicated to self-development and are ready to take themselves to the next level. If, after the consultation, we discover that maybe you’re not quite ready to commit to the necessary work involved in Success Coaching or the timing isn’t quite right, I’ll have some recommendations for you that will better suit your needs. Your success is my priority – even if it means not working with me!

Step 3: Sign up for the 6 session Success Coaching package and then submit your completed Jumpstart Your Success exercises at least 1 week before your first session.

Here’s what’s included in your 1-on-1 Success Coaching:

♦  A detailed review of the exercises you did for Jumpstart Your Success to help you gain further insight and clarity. It will also help to identify any blocks or hurdles that are holding you back. I have a number of tools to help you with that!

♦  Examine your Personal Why– The foundational piece to ground you in your power, purpose and values. What’s your compelling reason for success in your life? I help you discover your passion, purpose and your Big Why … Why? Because your Why is what’s driving the bus. It’s what drives you, whether you’re know it or not. When you’re clear on your why, everything else becomes clearer, including the direction your going in!

♦  Gain Direction and Set S.M.A.R.T. Goals Done R.I.G.H.T. Learn to do your goals, not just set them. You will truly be inspired on your journey of success!

♦  Develop a Personal Plan for Action, Accountability & Achievement

♦  Accomplish Tasks Easily with the D.A.S.H. Success System

♦  Gain confidence, build your self esteem and self worth and Celebrate Your Success!


You and I will work together to create and implement your Why, Vision, Goals and Direction through Inspired Action. The initial 6 sessions are designed to be completed within an 8 week time frame to really help you generate momentum on your journey to success! After that, you can decide what further coaching sessions will work best for you.

Success Coaching Provides A Safe Space To …

  • Access your voice freely
  • Develop a vision
  • Heal if you need to heal
  • Feel well
  • Feel your connection to a world larger than yourself
  • Get clear, balanced and focused
  • Get to know yourself
  • Challenge any limiting beliefs
  • Release emotions
  • Access your heart’s intelligence
  • Uncover and confront your fears & develop trust
  • Discover your values & virtue
  • Tell the truth
  • Relieve stress
  • Believe in yourself
  • Discover your gifts
  • Uncover Your Mastery …

Listening to our inherent wisdom draws us toward wholeness and health. And as the bodymind addresses what you’ve been resisting and then release the blocks and obstacles, you become free to soar! In this process, you let go of limiting perceptions or beliefs that can block self trust and confidence.






Start Your Success Now!


The Jumpstart Your Success online course plus bonuses are valued at $744* but you can access it all for only $197* Click here for more info and to register:


The initial 6 Action Packed 1-On-1 Coaching Sessions regular fee is $1297, but when you sign up you can start for only $897* plus get $400 in bonuses!
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Bonuses Included: 

  • Create Your Day guided meditation mp3 Value $25
  • Discover Your Money Personality pdf Value $25
  • Full access to my Signature System How To Transform Stress to Success© online course valued at $997 for only $350*


*Applicable tax will vary depending in which province or territory you reside. If you live outside of Canada, no additional taxes will be charged. All prices are in Canadian Dollars (CAD).